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The Goa PWD Junior Engineers' Association (Recognized by Govt. of Goa Daman & Diu vide No.25-4-81, dtd. 28/10/1985) since it's inception, has been tirelessly working for the welfare & better prospects of the Junior Engineers fraternity of the Goa PWD which comprises of 300 members.

The Junior Engineer cadre is the cornerstone of the Engineering wing of the Goa PWD, which is headed by the Principal Chief Engineer, Shri. Uttam P. Parsekar. The Junior Engineers form an integral part of the various wings of Engineering in the Department, viz. Roads, Bridges, Water Supply, Sewerage, Buildings, Electrical & Mechanical field as well.

The Junior Engineers are involved right from the conceptualization of all the various kinds of projects, tendering, execution till the completion, as well as the operation & maintenance of the same. The Junior Engineer fraternity, at times also has to cater to the legal aspect of the project since, post-commencement of the project work, the contract between the Department & the Agency amounts to a legal document. So it can be seen that the job-profile of the Junior Engineers of the Goa PWD is multi-faceted.

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our team

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